Learn more about the Racing KT111 Performance Brake Pad

Elig Brakes Standard Street N95B Pad

The RACING KT111 brake pads are designed for the driver who demands the highest performance from their entire braking system. They offer exceptional braking performance with an aggressive initial bite and fantastic pedal modulation, over a wide and high temperature range.

Elig RACING pads adopt an innovative manufacturing process to ensure the highest strength and longevity, with unique friction materials and design, to create the ultimate bond of pad material to the NRS baking plate.


Operating temperature:
200 ~880℃

Average friction coefficient:

Ceramic / Carbon

Suitable for:
Time Attack / Track Days / Tarmac Rally

  • High sheer and bond strength
  • Aggressive initial bite
  • Deep groove for dust discharge
  • Ultra stability and control at braking and cornering

NRS backing plates are featured on our extreme performance Racing KT111 brake pads. NRS has earned the reputation of being “bulletproof” in its resistance to shear loads, corrosion and heat. ELIG Performance Brakes are Authorized to use NRS technology.


  • Eliminate edge lift and safety issues
  • Eliminates premature replacement due to noise
  • Eliminates partially broken friction material
  • NRS allows brake pads to be run down to the last few millimeters of friction material, while still maintaining 100% retention.

Elig Brake Pad Performance Comparison